Nowadays, people are so afraid to talk to one another, especially strangers, which means when they see a first responder – military soldier or veteran, medical worker, police officer or fire fighter – in public, they are less likely to start a conversation with, or thank that first responder for their service. Often times first responders do not get the support and appreciation they need and, frankly, deserve. This has been going on for years! Medical workers especially – considering their work during this pandemic.


HEART 1R is the new and best way to communicate your appreciation and support to all first responders. By choosing to wear this clothing you are communicating your support of first responders, no verbal communication is necessary, but could also be a new way for conversations to start, comfortably.

This is an opportunity for everyone to show their support for those who risk so much everyday for all of us. For the first time ever, you can be a big part of this change and make an impact in our world.

Seeking Human Kindness


For each item purchase you make, it results in at least a $2.00 going to a first responder that is struggling financially. We donate $1 of our profits from each item sold & match that $1, so the more you buy the more we donate – and each dollar donated helps!

Do you want to support first responders on a monthly basis? The option to donate more is available by purchasing a HEART 1R Membership.

For a minimum of $20 a month, half of your donation goes to supporting HEART 1R, a Veteran owned business, & the other half goes to one first responder a month that is struggling financially. The monthly subscription can stop at anytime without any fee. You decide how much you want to give back! If you would like to purchase a HEART 1R Membership, click here H1R.