Do you want your business to support first responders on a monthly basis?

The option to donate is available by purchasing a HEART 1R “1 TEAM 1 FIGHT” Membership. For $250 a month or $2000 per year, which gets you recognized here in this section, COMING SOON! Both options, half of the monthly & half of the yearly donations goes to supporting HEART 1R, a Veteran owned business, & the other half goes to one first responder a month that is struggling financially.
At the end of every month, a first responder will be announced with their picture on @HEART1R Instagram page & here on the website, new section “First Responders” COMING SOON!
The “1 TEAM 1 FIGHT” section will have your business logo, business name, your full name, contact info of your choice & your website address. The membership can be cancelled without any fee, at anytime by you, or by contacting us.

For monthly or yearly partnerships, please contact ScottyRose@HEART1R.com.